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This is a journal that irregularly chronicles the crazy life, mishaps and adventures we have had since shortly before we traveled to Chongqing, China in August of 2006 to adopt our daughter (a sister for Jack,) Makena.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Summer is finally here! One year ago today, we were getting the first of three calls from our agency letting us know that we were one step closer to laying our hands on Makena. It would be several more days before we saw her face and knew how old she was or where we would travel to finally meet her, but I clearly remember the relief (of having waited eighteen months for this call,) the excitement and the joy we all felt.And look at this smiling face! Makena is always giggling and full of mischief but the minute I point a camera at her she gets all serious and no amount of cajoling can get her to smile on demand. (She's very controlling that way.) It isn't often that I am able to capture this expression but when I do, it's like gold for me.
Jack is more complicated when it comes to having his picture taken. If he isn't doing his "rabbit ears" or giving me his "tough guy" look, then his smiles are slightly forced. I love this one. A) because it's a record of how long hair can grow in one year. (He hasn't cut it since China.) And B) This is the last photo I will post of him looking like this before he gets his hair buzzed for camp.

We were attempting to grow his hair out so that he could donate it to Locks of Love, the organization that supplies wigs to children suffering from cancer, but he's been whining and complaining so much about having to brush it that I'm throwing in the towel. Donated hair has to be at least ten inches long, and we are about three inches short of that. We will still send them his hair and they will, in turn, sell it to wig makers. This isn't the first time we've donated Jack's hair to Locks of Love. We did it a couple of years ago, but he was younger then and somewhat more compliant with the hair brush. We'll pick another cause for him to get involved with. One that is less "hair raising".
Little League and my "Team Mom" duties, I am happy to say, are finally behind me. Makena became the team mascott and all the boys were so sweet and patient with her. They loved having her around. My heart melted at the closing ceremony when Makena left my side and weaved her way through the crowd to reach Jack. Without missing a beat, Jack opened his arms and she came to rest in his embrace and stayed there about five minutes. I'm so happy they have each other. They really do love and care for each other in their own special way and that is the best gift I could ever receive from them.

I love my children.

PS This post is part of a photo challenge from http://www.2happy.typepad.com

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